Expertise in Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass Machinery Engineering and Construction: ASMAG builds its reputation as a system supplier

Scharnstein, September 1, 2014. ASMAG, the Austrian machine and plant manufacturer, can already count fiscal year 2014 as an outstanding success, even though it's only the third quarter. Having just celebrated its thirtieth year in operation, ASMAG can take pride in its line of machinery for drawing, straightening, saws and cutters, chamfering, stacking, and bundling.

The company's new strategic direction - focused on delivering complete plants for the manufacture of precision steel tubes, pipes for OCTG, and copper and brass tubes, rods, and sections - has proven extremely successful. Johann Vielhaber, founder and owner of the internationally active company, recently announced the sale of two complete solutions in the steel tubing field.

The company's core business continues its run of success as well. ASMAG just delivered a complete production line to make brass products and a complete production line to manufacture flat bars and sections out of copper and, as expected, they both went into production without a hitch.