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ASMAG Receives the ENERGY GLOBE Fire Award

Saving Energy and Reducing CO2 – We all win!

After an innovative renovation of its industrial premises, ASMAG GmbH was able to reduce operating costs by one-tenth, sustainably reduce CO2 emissions by 159 tons annually, and save more than €40,000 in energy expenses. The energy usage achieved through this project makes this building the first and only industrial property in Austria to use highly-efficient KIGO low temperature steel plate ceilings, solar heat on its facade and background heat pump technology for heating and cooling. All of this has now earned ASMAG the 2017 ENERGY GLOBE Austria.*

The environment is not all that benefits from this long-range combination of energy-saving elements. The health and well-being of associates working in the building benefit directly as well.  Finished overwhelmingly with natural building materials and natural materials within, the interior is maintained at a comfortable temperature in winter and pleasantly cooled in summer, thanks to KIGO climate-control ceilings. Highly efficient, uniform heating is provided not only in the office areas but in the large production areas as well, due to very low temperature gradients and the high reactivity of the climate ceilings. The micro-climate this creates is healthy, pleasant, and 100 percent natural.

Everything about this cutting edge heating system is well designed. Whether it’s the cladding on the exterior or what’s hanging from the ceilings inside, it’s all space saving, and the more elaborate installation of floor heating into the screed is not required. With energy savings of up to 45 percent, the KIGO system is also easily adaptable and can be combined, as here, with any energy source and precisely regulated. Beyond that, it’s almost maintenance free and ensures that dust and microbes are not circulated and spread through the area. It doesn’t generate annoying noise either; solar heating and KIGO cooling are utterly quiet.

So this package of sustainable components actually represents ideal benefits for all of us. When put to use, environmental protection benefits people and the planet. “Small projects add up to major results,” according to Johann Vielhaber, the driving force behind the project and managing owner of ASMAG. “It’s in our power to use new technologies to solve urgent problems facing humanity. Our motto is ‘We all make the world go round.’ And when each of us makes a contribution, the world will certainly benefit in the future!”

This confirms once again the spirit and purpose of the ENERGY GLOBE Award established by Wolfgang Neumann in 1999. “I was deeply impressed again by the more than 30 different projects that were submitted and even more so by the ones that I could give the Energy Globe Award Austria. This enormous effort on behalf of the environment gives us hope that we will leave future generations a world that will be livable well into the future,” according to Neumann, who came to Wels to confer the award. 



* What is the ENERGY GLOBE Award?

The ENERGY GLOBE Award was established in 1999 by Wolfgang Neumann, the Austrian energy pioneer, and today it is one of the most prestigious environmental awards in the world.

The Energy Globe Award annually spotlights outstanding sustainable projects that focus on conservation of resources, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy sources.

The goal of the Award is to bring good, easily implemented solutions to as wide an audience as possible by using the multiplier effect of the media. All projects that use  resources carefully and conservatively or that put renewable energy to use are invited to participate.

The winning international projects in the six categories of earth, fire, water, air, youth, and sustainable plastics are honored in a TV gala that is broadcast worldwide.

Innovative projects and initiatives from more than 170 countries are submitted annually, totaling more than 6,000 projects since 1999.

How does the ENERGY GLOBE Award work?

  • Regional (provincial) ENERGY GLOBE Awards

The ENERGY GLOBE Award is presented as a regional prize in all Austrian provinces, together with partners. ENERGY GLOBE hopes that this broad Austrian presence will give many more sustainable project innovators an opportunity to present their outstanding environmental contributions to the public in their province.

  • National ENERGY GLOBE Awards

This award goes to the best project submitted in the country (e.g. ENERGY GLOBE Austria, ENERGY GLOBE Argentina). National winners receive a certificate that is presented by a partner organization (when available) in that country. In some countries, the national award is subdivided into categories, and the coveted statues are bestowed along with the certificate.

  • International ENERGY GLOBE Awards/World Award

The international ENERGY GLOBE Award is bestowed on the best projects in the five categories of earth, fire, water, air, and youth and the special category of sustainable plastics.